Custom Marine T-Tops

— for Center Consoles —

Action Welding’s custom designed T-Tops are fabricated on your boat for the best fit possible. Each Boat Top is built to meet the customers needs and desires to assure their satisfaction! 100_9060_sm We custom design and build out T-Tops for you and specifically for your model boat. You can specify shade size and canvas color and any number of options. Crow’s Nests, Outriggers, Electronics Boxes, Life Jacket Holders and non-folding T-Top Frames are just a few of your choices. We also have many different lighting options and offer powder coating services. We even install your electronics and antennas!
Big Game Offshore T-Top
Action’s Big Game Offshore T-Top with Rod Holders, double Life Jacket Holders, Outriggers, Electronics Box and LED Lighting

Action’s Big Game Offshore T-Top

Designed for Center Console Boats 22′ and up, or oversize tops **


  • Custom Sized Up To 7′ wide x 9′ Long #
  • Deck Mount Legs* & Truss on Forward Legs for stability
  • Mounted to both Deck and 4 places on sides of console, up high
  • Double Ring Top with wrap-over canvas and Compound Crowns at front and back
  • Two Antenna Pads and one Anchor Light Pad
  • Aft Leg Grab Bar/Support
  • “CURVED” 1 1/2″ Schedule 40 Pipe on Legwork (2″o.d.)
  • Many more Options and Accessories to choose from
Action’s Offshore T-Top with Rod Holders, Side Rails, Electronics Box, LED Overhead Light, LED Spreader Lights and Life Jacket Holder

Action’s Offshore T-Top

Designed for Center Console Boats 18′ and up


  • Custom Sized Up to 6′ wide x 7 1/2′ long #
  • Deck Mount Legs* & Truss on Forward Legs
  • Mounted to both Deck and 4 places on sides of console, up high
  • Single Ring Top with Aft & Forward Braces and Compound Crown
  • Two Antenna Pads and one Anchor Light Pad
  • Aft Leg Grab Bar/Support
  • “CURVED” 1 1/2″ Schedule 40 Pipe on Legwork (2″o.d.)
  • Many more Options and Accessories to choose from
Action’s Standard T-Top with Front Leg Truss added

Action’s Standard T-Top

Designed for Skiffs or Center Consoles 17′ or under


  • Custom Sized Up to 55″ Wide x 80″ Long #
  • Straight (non curved) Deck Mount Legs of 1 1/2″ Schedule 40 Pipe (2″ o.d.)
  • Mounted to both Deck and 4 places on sides of console, up high
  • Single Ring Top with Aft Braces (no grab bars)
  • Two Antenna Pads and one Anchor Light Pad
  • No Grab Bars on back legs (option)
  • No truss or “V” on front legs unless needed
  • Many more Options and Accessories to choose from
* Lifetime Warranty is to original customer and covers frame failure such as cracking or breaking and does not cover damage due to abuse and/or corrosion. ** If top is designed for a Crow’s-nest, additional cost may be required to strengthen framework, add necessary mounting pads, and ladder access. # Top sizes are approximate… each top is custom made to fit the style and design of the boat, and to suit the customer’s requirements. Note: Some applications require console mounted legs (inboard models or rare style consoles) and may need to have the console reinforced to the deck or stringer, depending on the console and top size.

T-Top Information

All T-Tops Include The Following:

  • “Trussed” style forward legs or “V” braces from legs to console (Not Included on Style #1, But some may require it)
  • Canvas Installed, your Choice of color – 100% acrylic Sunbrella® is standard (10 yr. limited manufacturer’s warranty) or add Stamoid ® or Sunbrella® Supreme for $65 more. (Add $40.00 for premium colors such as red or burgundy)
  • All canvas is bound on edges and doubled at grommet areas with your choice of black or white 1/8″ premium braided nylon rope.
  • Top installed on boat and bedded down with 3M® 5200 Marine Adhesive/Sealant on floor and console mounting points.
  • Mounting pads for 2 antennas and one anchor light / antenna combination with internal chase holes provided.
  • Pre-machined then anodized mounting pads and fittings (reduces corrosion)
  • Top quality 6463 Alloy “Schedule 40” marine aluminum pipe with “brushed” finish Note: All pipe we purchase is made in the USA and meets a higher standard of anodized thickness and alloy variables compared to Imported materials used by others. This gives your top more corrosion resistance and greater strength!
  • All tops use a minimum size of 1″ pipe (1 3/8″ O.D.) for perimeter ring and other braces and 1 ½” Schedule 40 (1 7/8″ O.D.), or 2″ (2.375″ O.D.) for legwork.
  • Removal of old windshield grab bar (Keeps legs tight to console)
  • High quality 316L stainless fasteners (Thru bolted wherever possible)
  • Electronics overhead box mounting brackets included on all models.
  • Lifetime warranty to original purchaser on framework failure.

T-Top Options – Build it to suit your needs!

Options For All T-Tops Include:

  • Rod Holders of Several Styles, Sizes and Colors to Choose from
  • Outrigger Plates for any style Outrigger
  • Break Away, Folding T-Top or Pivoting T-Tops
  • Electronics Box, Fiberglass (Several sizes to choose from)
  • Several Hardtop Options:
    • Molded Fiberglass Hardtop
    • PVC Hardtop…1/4″ or 3/8″ or 1/2″ thick
    • Polymer Hardtop (1\2″)
  • Custom fitted Life Jacket Holders for front and/or rear
  • LED Navigation Lights on top
  • LED Anchor Light
  • Ski Rope attachment
  • Powder Coating
  • Extend-A-Tops
  • Grab Bars
  • Polished Brite Pipe
  • Electrical Rigging such as Fuse panels, light switches, lighting, full line of electronics, installs, etc. (Shop labor rate plus materials)
  • Canvas Covers and Glass Enclosures
  • 2 Color LED overhead lights
  • LED Spreader lights – Installed and wired – Several brands
  • Larger diameter legs available (2″ SCH 40 pipe or 2″ SCH 80 pipe)
  • Fishing rod bushings in Canvas (so rod holders on console sides are still usable)


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NOTE: Most of the custom Boat Tops and other larger products are custom made and require the boat to be at our facility in Cape Coral Florida to fabricate them to fit properly and look the best. They are also not cost-effective to ship in one piece without damage. If you can trailer the boat to our facility, please contact us with any questions on the product you have in mind.

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